The Branch of Goodness AGAPE Rehabilitation Center

"Everyone deserves a part of the Branch of Goodness"


The Branch of Goodness Agape Rehabilitation Center is a created  a model non-residential facility staffed with dedicated professionals who have the desire to change and impact the at risk adults ,youth and there families in the community it serves. The center  provides and serve as a haven for those striving towards health and physical wellness of  mind, body and spirit.  The Branch is  equipped to offer individual and group counseling services, build self esteem, assist in family recovery, substance abuse and criminal behavior. The center provides mentor, tutoring education, coaching, life skills and on the job training through a staff devoted to helping people through their challenges while molding productive behaviors and attitudes. 

As our individual become empowered through time ,chance and opportunity ,all dysfunction can be overcome by the path which they can achieve . Because of addiction, abuse, life experience and wrong choices we believe there is hope you can be transform and redeem by the renewing of their mind.  Those who were at one time on a path of destruction will now be redirected to a path of success, fruitfulness and service. 




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